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Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-11-04 01:30 am (UTC)

[ josh is slow to answer and chris can practically feel him thinking it over, considering it with an intensity his slogging brain is probably finding a little difficult at the moment. ]

Well, I think she likes you, too.

[ chris gives a little shrug that's meant to be both encouraging and non-threatening. he doesn't want to apply too much pressure to the topic - they're both tired, both wary of pissing the other off - but he wants to know if josh has thought about the possibility before, and if he hasn't, chris wishes he would.

it definitely seems like sam likes him well enough. she's always honest about her feelings and chris has never seen her show any kind dislike for josh; she's usually in a good mood around him, smiley and teasing and at ease. and maybe that's not enough but it seems like an important start, one that has lots of potential. but he doesn't think that sam would be the one to ask, to start something. if josh wants to cross that bridge, he'll have to build it first. but that, too, seems pretty unlikely. this is the part of josh that chris does have trouble reading. feelings and intentions get shoved behind other things and chris can't work them out, can't be sure that he can identify them for what they truly are.

he watches josh rest his heavy head against the armrest like he's pulling himself away from the complicated thoughts. maybe that's best. still, he can't let josh pass off the facts as nothing.

Hey. [ he lifts his chin, a tired attempt to capture josh's attention. ] Maybe you just can't see it yet.

[ he nods, knowingly, looking at josh through heavy lids only getting heavier. there's always the possibility that a relationship like that - with sam, with someone really good and really smart and really caring - would be good for josh. ] Maybe it'd be great.

[ they're both terrible at taking their own advice; that's why they have to toss it back at each other every now and then, so maybe it'll seem fresh and new coming from the other person's mouth. ]

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