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Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-10-26 01:05 am (UTC)

your foreshadowing is beautiful

[ chris might get there eventually. he might work up the courage to tell ashley what he's been bottling up and sweeping under the rug for so long now, but he-- he honestly doesn't know when it'll happen. it's all unsure. but with josh it's different. chris isn't going anywhere, and he's confident in the fact that josh isn't going anywhere either. they'll get through all the shit together and they'll eventually figure out how to make everything work. josh'll keep pestering chris to get laid and chris'll quietly try to keep josh from going off the deep end and - as lame as it sounds - they'll be the best damn friends in the world.

at least, chris would like to think so.

chris snorts when josh sinks deeper, clinking chris' glass in spirit only. they make a pathetic pair at the moment, slumped and drunk, but it's so much better than being alone. the couch is comfortably warm with the two of them stretched out on it, and the movie just keeps playing, not longer setting the mood but keeping them company.

For life. [ he tilts back his glass and grins at the way josh's face twists. karma hits him a second later as he coughs on the vodka's taste; he should probably be done now, but there are a few swallows left, so he still doesn't set the glass down.

he's had enough to make him slightly less cautious about their topics of discussion, and with all this talk of ashley, he latches onto something related. nevermind the tiny warning his brain provides him when he opens his mouth; he wants to ask and so he does.

And what about you? What about-- what about Sam?

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