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Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-10-24 12:19 am (UTC)

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

[ and he does mean that, even if he can't always take josh's praises to heart. it's too easy to observe josh's charms and mike's good-looks and matt's athleticism and feel slightly less than; it's one of those habits that takes shape when you're an insecure preteen and hangs on way longer than it should. he has his humour, though, and that usually works for him whether he's feeling self-assured or self-conscious. and josh is always trying to pump him up.

he picks up on the frustration in josh's voice; he probably doesn't mean it to sound like that, but an abundance of alcohol doesn't usually result in self-restraint. josh does have reason to be frustrated, anyway. he's been trying to help for so long, it must be disappointing to see chris constantly shamble around his feelings. chris is frustrated, too.

the liquor's definitely not helping. why are they talking about this again? chris was laughing his ass off less than ten minutes ago.

I know, it's stupid, I just-- I don't even know. Maybe it's not... right.

[ he rubs at his forehead. he's pretty sure that ashley feels something towards him. there's energy there that's unique to just them. but he's also considered the fact that she's never tried to initiate anything, never suggested they try a date and see what happens, so maybe it's not that kind of connection. chris might need to just be her friend and chase someone else, but the idea doesn't really sit well in his stomach. maybe that's the vodka. he goes ahead and nudges josh's leg again. ]

Am I a complete shithead?

[ an important question. he smiles weakly and looks at josh. ]

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