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josh washington just wants to have a good time ([personal profile] blackwood) wrote in [personal profile] sosilly 2015-10-23 10:19 pm (UTC)

[ josh waves a hand dismissively, and the motion of it somehow manages to make his head feel full of water. there's something to be said for the glasses-beanie combo, especially in this day and age. ]

You pull it off fine, bro. I got, like, a hundred anyway.

[ chris doesn't need josh's confidence, he needs josh's acting skills. that had been lesson number one: fake it 'til you make it, and josh has the faking part down to an art. in reality, he's just as nervous and insecure as the rest of them, projecting assertiveness to throw people off the scent of his own self-doubt. it helps that it's easier to be confident about someone else's love life. despite appearances, josh hasn't had too much experience in that arena either—mostly by virtue of shying away from any real, human intimacy. you wouldn't guess it by the way he acts, but that's exactly by design.

one day, he'll realize that he's projecting, that it's a bad habit of his, that doing this for chris isn't going to magically fix his own loneliness. it might help him come to terms with a few things about himself, but for now—for now, it's all about chris, and, as usual, josh has no compunctions about making that known.

I dunno, Christopher, maybe actually ask her out? That'd be a good next step.

[ it comes out a little more forcefully than he intends, laced with with the slurred exasperation of an onlooker who's tired of watching two people refuse to cross the event horizon with each other. they've been over this, but nothing's changed. the liquor's probably not helping. ]

You gotta... take the plunge, man. She's not gonna wait forever.

[ well, she might. it's entirely possible. josh is less certain about her, but it's obvious she likes chris back—though to what degree... no, no, josh is pretty sure it's a mutual level of attraction. but if that's the case, why hasn't ash asked chris out herself? god, it'd be so much easier if one of them would just... do something. maybe they really are made for each other if they're both so hung up on the first fucking step. he's beginning to think there might need to be some kind of intervention.

it's a reflex by now to shut down that particular train of thought, to shove away those sudden and familiar feelings of annoyance. chris deserves to be happy, so josh is gonna do what he can to get him there. that's what best friends are for.

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