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josh washington just wants to have a good time ([personal profile] blackwood) wrote in [personal profile] sosilly 2015-10-23 04:53 am (UTC)

No, dude; I know.

[ yeah, she might actually laugh at him, but chris doesn't need to know that.

josh is barely paying attention to the film anymore; it's become a kind of white noise, hazy quotes and lines and plot details he could recite in his sleep. the strings-heavy soundtrack isn't even doing much to creep him out. all he feels is warm and floaty, which had been the desired effect from the beginning, and paying attention to any singular thing is becoming more and more difficult. the only thing he feels when merrill freaks out over the news footage of the birthday party is a vague sense of unease, which dissipates easily with another drink of his vodka mix.

he drags his eyes back to chris, tilting his head in casual assessment. that's a shade of red he doesn't think he's seen before.

You can keep it, if you want. [ he glances away, shrugging a shoulder. not like he can't buy a new one. ] Y'know—maybe show it off a little. Get her attention.

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