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Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-10-23 04:08 am (UTC)

Mission accomplished.

[ chris lies back and redirects his attention to the television, watching the characters worriedly witness the news reports of crop circles popping up all over. they've already missed some crucial story details with their play-fighting, but it doesn't much matter. they could probably recite the whole thing if they wanted to. chris' not feeling the usual sense of foreboding that goes along with signs either, but only because he's too busy feeling warm and relaxed. he sips at the bourbon when it's offered, and waits for josh to finish experimenting with the bottles chris had so graciously given him.

he doesn't feel the need to get creative, so when josh settles back onto the couch, chris just pours some vodka into his glass, swallows a mouthful, and then cradles the glass against his chest. he considers nudging josh back, but that could lead into an entirely new competition way too fast, so he holds off.

the comment comes as a bit of a surprise, and chris touches the edge of the hat idly, self-conscious and helpless to do anything about the heat suddenly flushing the tips of his ears. he tells himself that if he hadn't had so much to drink, that wouldn't be happening. he huffs a laugh and glances at the film again.

You think?

[ he's inclined to think she'd laugh at him. ]

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