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[ watching chris walk away, josh drones to his retreating back: ] Well, you're no good to me dead, right?

[ then, upon chris' triumphant return from the war, josh looks at the booze haul and lets out a low, amused whistle. ] You really weren't kidding about the peace offering, huh.

[ not that he's complaining. josh props himself up a little, leaning forward with a lopsided smile. ]

Oh, I'm appeased. Very, very appeased.

[ he isn't really one for mixed drinks either—well, the mixing of drinks, as he hasn't exactly tried to make anything more complicated than a screwdriver or a whiskey ginger. he'll drink anything, given the chance, but it's always easier to get it straight from the source than to spend time whipping up a cocktail. the goal has always been to get drunk as fast as possible, rather than to savor the taste, so he's never considered it something he needed to study up on.

absentmindedly, he presses his leg back against chris' foot in pseudo-retaliation, looking over their choices. well, at this point, anything would taste good.

he breaks the seal on the new bottle of bourbon, takes a swig, and slides it across the coffee table toward chris. the vodka's next; he opens it up, pours about two shots' worth into one of the glasses, and, after a second's blurry deliberation of the hangul on the bottle of soju, opens that as well to pour a shot in with the vodka. the tastes should mix pretty good, given that soju's basically vodka-lite; he sips it. yeah, it's okay. the strawberry flavor's doing most of the work. again, not that he's complaining.

that done, josh reclines against the arm of the couch again, content to drink this one a little more slowly—he can feel himself getting pretty fucking buzzed, and if he stood up now, it probably wouldn't end well for anyone involved. so, for the time being, he just throws a leg up on the couch beside chris' and nudges him back properly this time, indicating the beanie with a slow blink and a nod of his head.

Hey, look at that. Your hipster transformation is complete. Ashley's gonna love it.

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