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Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-10-23 02:16 am (UTC)

[ chris will definitely be getting josh back. possibly when he actually has a chance to actually a develop a kind of plan; if the foil hat battle is anything to go on, plans usually work much better than spontaneity in chris' case.

chris sits up when josh retreats, feeling a little dizzy but mostly happy to no longer be part of the couch cushions. he's also happy that josh hasn't reclaimed his beanie; it's a consolation prize for being severely beaten, but it's a prize nonetheless. he readjusts it, placing it where it should actually sit on his skull, blonde hair poking out from under the brim. he catches josh's moment of stillness, but doesn't think too much of it. his friend's obviously not off the deep end yet, so he should be fine for another round. besides, they can't get into that much trouble with just the two of them in the house. probably.

Thanks for letting me live.

[ chris offers josh a lazy grin as he gets up. he's a little shaky on his feet when he first stands, but he's off to the kitchen in a reasonable amount of time. the bourbon has served them well so far, so he retrieves another bottle of it, along with two tall glasses, strawberry vodka, and some expensive-looking soju. if he's remembering correctly, jess made some sort of concoction with similar ingredients once, but chris knows next to nothing about mixing drinks, so he collects up all five items and heads back to the living room. if josh wants something slightly more fancy he can make it himself. he manages not to break anything as he sets everything on the table. ]

I hope your wrath is appeased. [ he gives this awkward little bow before collapsing back on the couch, stretching out his legs and nudging josh's thigh with a foot. ]

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