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josh washington just wants to have a good time ([personal profile] blackwood) wrote in [personal profile] sosilly 2015-10-23 01:30 am (UTC)

[ even looming over him victoriously, chris could definitely overpower josh if he really wanted; in fact, josh is fully expecting chris to get him back later—when, he has no idea, but that's part of the fun.

he watches chris fix his glasses with a mock-considering air, and, ultimately, doesn't make a move to take back his beanie. chris did win the right to wear it fair and square, he figures.

Alright, alright. [ josh laughs, flops back onto his side of the couch, letting the foil drift harmlessly to the floor. the new rush of motion makes his head swim pleasantly; he brings the heel of his palm up to press against his forehead, closes his eyes for a brief moment, breathes out. yeah. definitely, yeah. time to get even more drunk. ]

Peace offering accepted. Get whatever you want, man, there's plenty.

[ in the meantime, he'll reach over to grab the rest of the bourbon, fully intent on downing the rest of it before chris gets back with a new bottle. ]

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