sosilly: (😪)
Christopher ([personal profile] sosilly) wrote 2015-10-23 01:03 am (UTC)

[ chris shakes his head at josh's lousy impression, still on the tail-end of a laugh as he squints up at josh's face. he can just see the furrowed line of his brow, the frown that keeps wavering into a smile. ]

You ass.

[ it's mumbled but mostly good-natured. when the pressure of josh's weight against his legs lessens a little, chris figures it's safe to let go of the beanie - at least with one hand - and adjust his glasses. he catches that smirk of josh's as he pushes the glasses back into place on his nose. with josh braced above him, caging him in, chris still feels threatened enough to follow through with his plea.

he sighs but he's half-smiling.

You win. I was a fool to challenge you. Please prove yourself a merciful opponent and let me walk away from this.

[ he glances sideways at the almost empty bottle of bourbon and then back to josh. ]

I'll get more alcohol from the kitchen. Like a peace offering? [ which would probably have more weight if it wasn't josh's alcohol, but still. it's the thought that counts? ]

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