blackwood: <user name="yevon"> (pic#9640890)
josh washington just wants to have a good time ([personal profile] blackwood) wrote in [personal profile] sosilly 2015-10-22 11:23 pm (UTC)

[ josh's return sarcasm is tempered slightly by a hint of a drawling slur, but it's apparent all the same: ] That so? Pretty sure it'd look even better on you.

[ and, even though he's made villain monologue mistake no. 1, josh is nothing if not persistent. chris' knees are digging into his ribs, but he hardly feels it. he's a man on a mission. ]

Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

[ chris can wear the beanie if he wants, but he cannot escape tin foil vengeance. his infectious laughter only fuels josh's grinning determination; now josh is attempting to situate it on top of the beanie, but in the confusion that is his hand-eye coordination, he somehow manages to both dent the foil and knock chris' glasses even more awry. ]

Oh, shit. Your— [ bearing down, he snickers at the picture chris makes, burrowed into the cushions like a drunk turtle. ] Stop. Your face is getting in the way.

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